Progress Update | Where Has the Time Gone?

Hello Bristolians! (Just so you know, Christopher and I have decided that fans of the show are going to be called Bristolians after the name of our charming little town.😀) How are things? We've not spoken in ages so I wanted to give a little update. Even though I'm sure some of you thought we'd given up on the project. Au contraire, mon ami! We are alive and well!

JD in his booth recording for GT S1!

Christopher was coming in over Skype for the recording session

So here's the deal. All ten episodes of Season 1 are fully recorded and dialogue has been edited. Our show host, Stephanie Kupper, stepped up and did a splendid job on the voice tracks for nine of those episodes. Thanks, Stephanie!

Speaking of voices, I should say that Tamara Green is back for the full season in the role of Cam's cousin, Jessica. And what a fantastic job she did too! The ever-capable Skip Huber is also reprising his role as slightly curmudgeonly hardware store owner, and Cam's boss, Mr. Johnson. Such a fun guy! (He's also a podcaster, too!) And joining the cast in the role of the boys' grumpy landlord, Mr. Moretti, is the wonderful Glenn Hascall. You rock, Glenn!

These amazing folks will be joined by several special guest actor appearances throughout the season. Many of these folks have worked on numerous shows over the years and I'm so grateful for their participation. Without Tamara, Skip, Glenn, and of course, Christopher, this show would not exist and would still be just an idea in a Google doc. 

We've also had a few additions to the production team. I'll share more about those guys later, but for now I'll just say, "Thanks!"

I wanted to give a little peek at what's to come. So... (drum roll, please!) ... Here are the titles for the first five episodes:

  • S1E1: Bobcats and Balloons
  • S1E2: Targets and Turntables
  • S1E3: Fiddles and Flapjacks
  • S1E4: Gauntlets and Goldfish
  • S1E5: Camp Outs and Strikeouts

We don't have a projected release date yet. But sound design for two episodes is almost finished. I'll do my best to post more regular updates going forward.

Thanks for staying with us! I'm excited to bring this show to your ears soon!


PS. In the meantime while you're waiting for GT to drop, you can check out Christopher over in his mystery audio drama, Shadows & Daylight, and you can hear me in a recurring role as a pirate in Season 2 of Pirateers!