Bonus Ep1: Portraits and Poinsettias (2022 Christmas Special)

Cameron and Nicholas are at the Bristol Shopping Centre to take care of some last-minute Christmas shopping. But nothing ever goes smoothly for these two and the somewhat wacky folks they encounter at the mall don't help matters at all. Will their Christmas celebrations be ruined?

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Christopher Green as Cameron Carson
J.D. Sutter as Nicholas Vincent
Tamara Green as Jessica Davis
Craig Hart as the PA Announcer
Bethany Baldwin as Jane
Jonathan Cooke as Henri

Written by Christopher Green
Voice Track Editing by Ben Kempf
Christmas Theme by Marc Mulcahy based on the original composed by Conner Savoca
Music by Marc Mulcahy
Sound Design/Post Production by Ben Kempf
Directed by J.D. Sutter and Christopher Green
Hosted by Stephanie Kupper

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