Recording of Season 1 Begins

Well! We certainly had not planned on being silent for so long. But life has a way of running away with our time. However, we are very excited to say that the scripts for the 10 episodes that comprise Season 1 of Greenhorn Tales have been finalized Casting is also nearly completed for the full season.

Scripts have already been sent out to the core cast and some of the actors for larger roles this season. Some actors are beginning recording as early as the next few days.

We are not able to share a projected release date yet. Since we are going to complete production on all 10 episodes before beginning to release episodes we won’t know what our timeline will be for quite a while. The reason we’re doing it this way is so you won’t have to have long gaps in between episodes.

Stay tuned to the blog for sneak peeks at scripts, cast announcements, and some behind the scenes looks into the production of Season 1. Be sure to sign up for the email alerts over in the sidebar so you don’t miss any updates.

See ya soon!