Moving, Motorcycles and Marching Bands | Series Pilot

In the pilot episode of this series, we find Nicholas and Cameron on moving day. As they make their way to secure their new apartment it seems like everyone and everything in town is doing its best to keep them from getting to the Riverview Apartments on time. Will the guys be able to move into the apartment today?

JD Sutter as Nicholas Vincent
Christopher Green as Cameron Carson
Todd Green as Mr. Carson
Tobin Fox as the motorcycle buyer
Will Locatelli as Charlie
Duane Riffenburgh as the mayor
Tamara Green as Jessica Davis
Skip Huber as Frank Johnson
Todd Green as Mario Moretti

Voice Track Editing by Heidi Olson
Music composed by Conner Savoca
Sound Design/Post Production by Christopher Green
Directed by Christopher Green and JD Sutter
Hosted by Stephanie Kupper

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