Greenhorn Tales is a short-form audio sitcom produced by Porchlight Family Media and GreenStreams Studio.

The Story

Greenhorn Tales is an audio drama about two young dudes, Cam and Nick, living in the small community of Bristol. They share an apartment and are desperately trying to be adults, but are not quite succeeding. They are complete greenhorns at adult life.

The Characters

Cameron “Cam” Carson

Works at the local hardware store and is the simpler mind of the two, but a very happy-go-lucky soul. He enjoys playing football with a group of pals and is more athletic than Nick.

Nicholas “Nick” Vincent

Attending community college while working evenings at Burger Hut. He’s the “straight man” of the duo and he’s got a bit more common sense, but he also has his share of eccentricities. He is also a tech geek and an only child. Not the most athletic guy around, but still willing to try.

Francis “Frank” Johnson

Owner of Johnson's Hardware where Cameron works. He’s a jack-of-all-trades, down home, good-natured kind of guy.

Jessica Davis

Cameron’s cousin who is a senior in high school. She works afternoons at Tim Buck’s Coffee House.

Mario Moretti

The landlord of the Riverview Apartments where Cam and Nick are renting a unit. He's a bit sneaky and underhanded, but not an outright bad guy.

The Cast

Christopher Green plays the character of Cam Carson.

JD Sutter plays the character of Nick Vincent.

Skip Huber plays the character of Frank Johnson.

Tamara Green plays the character of Jessica Davis.

Todd Green plays the character of Mario Moretti.

Stephanie Kupper is the show host.

The Production Team

JD Sutter

Series creator, showrunner, episode concept guy, director, handler of website/technical stuff, redhead, lover of Häagen-Dazs® Coffee ice cream, cheeseburger fan and voice of Nicholas Vincent.

Christopher Green

Head writer, show developer, episode concept guy, director, sound designer/mixer, redhead, pizza addict, perpetual user of the word “eh?” and voice of Cameron Carson.

Michael Schroeder


Heidi Olson

Voice-track editor